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Zdenko Zlatar, (BR)OTHER CONVERTS IN THE OTTOMAN BALKANS HISTORY * MYTH * FICTION, The ISIS PRess Istambul, 2019 (522 p., 60$)

Illustrations Preface Introduction

PART ONE: HISTORY, Chapter One The Ottoman Conquest of the Balkans Chapter Two Clad in Red: The DevşirmeRuling Class Chapter Three The Question of Conversion: The Case of Bosnia

PART TWO: MYTH, Chapter Four From the Battle to the Black Mountain: The Myth of Kosovo Chapter Five (Br)other: Death of Smail-agha Čengić Chapter Six (Br)other: Njegoš’s The Mountain Wreath

PART THREE: FICTION, Chapter Seven The Bridge between the East and the West: Andrić and Kadare Chapter Eight Laying the Foundations for The Bridge on the Drina Chapter Nine Bosnian Muslims in Andrić’s Novels

PART FOUR: ÖMER PAŞA, Chapter Ten A Convert in the Empire of the Pashas: Ömer Pasha Latas7 Chapter Eleven Bosnia’s Second Fall: Ömer Pasha’s Military Rule (1850-1852) Chapter Twelve Ivo Andrić and His Omerpaša Latas

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