EU Enlargements 20 years on: Lessons and Prospect

13/05/2024, 09:00-17:30

Sciences Po – Salons scientifiques, 1 Place Saint-Thomas d’Aquin, 75007 Paris

Welcome (9h-9h30)

Stéphanie Balme, Director of CERI-Sciences Po

Sylvie Mately, Director of Jacques Delors Institute

Introduction: from normative power to geopolitics

Jacques Rupnik, Sciences Po-CERI


  1. EU ‘transformative power’ and Domestic Political Trends in Central Europe (9h30 – 11h00)

Daniel Hegedüs, GMF Berlin

Jaroslaw Kuisz, University of Warsaw

Ondrej Ditrych, EUISS and IIR, Prague

Chair: Lukas Macek, Sciences Po / Centre Grande Europe

  1. Central Europe 20 years later: Foreign Policy Orientations (11h15-12h30)

David Cadier, University of Groningen and Sciences Po-CERI

Milan Nic, DGAP Berlin

Tomas Petricek, Former Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic and Prague Institute of International Relation

Maria Malksoo, University of Copenhagen

Chair: Christian Lequesne, Sciences Po-CERI

— Lunch break —

14h00: Enrico Letta, Jacques Delors Institute: Keynote remarks

  1. Enlargements and Public Opinion in EU and Candidate Countries (14h15)

Bruno Cautrès, CEVIPOF – Sciences Po

Bojana Zoric, EUISS

Chair: Tefta Kelmendi, ECFR

  1. The “Ukrainian Moment”: Prospects for Future Enlargements (15h15-17h00)

Snizhana Diachenko, Ukrainian Center for European Policy, Kiev

Jelena Vasiljević, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade

Florent Parmentier, Sciences Po – CEVIPOF

Pierre Mirel, Former EU Director of DG Enlargement, Centre Grande Europe

Chair: Anne de Tinguy, Sciences Po-CERI

Conclusions: What rethinking enlargement means for the EU

Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Assemblée Nationale

Scientific coordinators:  Jacques Rupnik and David Cadier

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