(De-)secularization and New Religiosities through the prism of the Turkish Case

Colloque de restitution du programme ANR-DFG NEORELIGITUR
Lundi 30 et mardi 31 octobre 2017 à l’EHESS, Paris

Lundi 30 octobre: salle Maurice et Denys Lombard à l’EHESS, 96 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

Monday 30 October 2017 – 9h-13h30 

9h Get together 

9h15 Introductory paper: The rise of new religiosities in the late Ottoman Empire and Turkey against the Backdrop of the Western Case Nathalie Clayer (CNRS-EHESS, Paris), Till Luge (Orient-Institut, Istanbul), Dilek Sarmis (EHESS, Paris), Alexandre Toumarkine (INALCO, Paris) 

9h45-10h45 Keynote 

The Religionization of non-Christian Cultures and the Formation of New Secularities Boaz Huss (Univ. Ben Gurion, Israel) 

10h45 Coffee break 

11h15-13h30 First Panel : Secularization and ‘New’ Religiosities 

Chair: Raoul Motika (Orient-Institut, Istanbul) 

11h15 Between Philosophy, History of Religions and Political Subjectivation: Intellectual Experiments with Religion in the late Ottoman Empire and the Early Republic Dilek Sarmis (EHESS, Paris) 

11h30 Kemalism dealing with the Religious, Kemalism as a spiritualized Religious Nathalie Clayer (CNRS-EHESS, Paris) 

11h50 How Rules become Internalized: the Secular Formation of Alevi Identity Nicolas Elias (Univ. Aix-Marseille), Nikos Sigalas (EHESS, Paris) 

12h15 (Neo-)Spiritism as a space for secularizing religion Alexandre Toumarkine (INALCO, Paris), Özgür Türesay (EPHE, Paris) 

12h40 Rethinking Secularization in Turkey through Neo-Hindu Movements Fabio Salomoni (Univ. Koç, Istanbul) 

13h Discussion 

13h30 Lunch 

Monday 30 October 2017 – 14h30-18h 

14h30-18h Second Panel : Individualization and New Religiosities 

Chair: Robert Langer (Orient-Institut, Istanbul) 

14h30 The New Age Boom in Turkey: More of What We Know from the West? Jean-François Mayer (Institut Religioscope, Fribourg), Katja Triplett (Univ. Göttingen) 

15h A New Form of Islam: Between Individualism, Neo-Sufism, and New Age Till Luge (Orient-Institut, Istanbul), Martin Riexinger (Univ. Aarhus, Denmark) 

15h30 Individualization of Religious Music Martin Greve (Orient-Institut, Istanbul) 

15h50 Coffee break 

16h20 Spiritual(ized) Therapies: therapeutic Perspective as a Tool for an individualized Use of Religious Matters Brian Chauvel (EHESS, Paris), Ardıç Uslu (Univ. Izmir) 

16h50 New Religious Authorities: ‘Islamic Gurus’ as Results of Individualization? Ayşe Akyürek (EPHE, Paris), Dilek Sarmis (EHESS, Paris) 

17h20 Discussion

Mardi 31 octobre:  salle 7 et salle 8 à l’EHESS, 105 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

Tuesday 31 October 2017 – 9h30-13h30 

Third Panel : Between Global Circulation and the Local: From Foreign to Nationalized and Back 

9h30-10h30 Panel III, First session : Interacting local and global 

Chair: Hülya Adak (Sabanci Univ., Istanbul) 

9h30 Global Religious Pluralization and New Religious Movements: Limiting the ‘Foreign’ Armand Aupiais-L’homme (Univ. Nice Sophia Antipolis), Dorothea Nold (Orient-Institut, Istanbul) 

10h Literature in New Religiosities: a tension between local and global Beatrice Hendrich (Univ. Köln), Laurent Mignon (Univ. Oxford) 

10h30 Coffee break 

11h-13h Panel III, Second session:  Circulating therapies and practices 

Chair: Katia Boissevain (CNRS, Aix-Marseille) 

11h The (Post-)Soviet Connection: On the Circulation of People and Practices in the Fields of Bioenergy & Parapsychology Adeline Braux (EHESS) 

11h30 Between International, Indian, and Turkish: On the Translocal Spheres of Yoga Aysuda Kölemen-Luge (Univ. Kemerburgaz, Istanbul) 

12h Spiritual(ized) Therapies between Global and Local, between New Age and Islam Alberto Ambrosio (Univ. Luxembourg) 

12h30 Discussion 

13h Lunch 

Tuesday 31 October 2017 – 14h30-17h30 

14h30-15h30 Panel III, Third session : Reenchanting visions and space 

Chair: Anne-Marie Losonczy (EPHE, Paris) and Viola Teisenhoffer (Labex Hastec/GSRL, Paris) 

14h30 Reenchanting a Rationalized (Islamic) World through Esotericism and Parapsychology: On the Notions of Foreign Mysteries and Turko-Islamic Secrets Alexandre Toumarkine (INALCO, Paris) 

15h Locating Reenchantment on the Mediterranean Coast: On Urban and Rural Spiritual Networks Till Luge (Orient-Institut, Istanbul) 

15h30 Coffee break 

16h15 Conclusive round-table run by 

Hülya Adak (Sabanci Univ., Istanbul), Katia Boissevain (CNRS), Boaz Huss (Univ. Ben Gurion), Robert Langer (Orient-Institut), Anne-Marie Losonczy (EPHE), Raoul Motika (Orient-Institut), Viola Teisenhoffer (Hastec/GSRL), Katja Triplett (Univ. Göttingen) 

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